Surprise! Episode 8, 1937 is posted.

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Seth and Eric are at it again with 6 more movies.  This time it’s 1937.  While in a POW camp we dream of being back at Maxim’s.  Then we take roller coaster ride through Zenda.  After that we find out Paul Muni is good at wearing makeup.  Carey Grant starts his tanning routine in The Awful Truth and then Seth tries to name all the dwarfs in Snow White. We finish this hour up by trying to race a train in horse-drawn carriage.  It doesn’t go so good for dad.


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Never Question the Synopsis

1936 is posted.

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Episode 7 – 1936 has been posted.

Now, we didn’t ramble on for over an hour for you not to listen to it. This year’s themes, blackface and Grant’s Tomb. Come learn more by clicking above. Also, someone please tell us what’s going on with Bogart’s arms.

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1935 Now Available

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We have posted our discussion for episode 6, 1935.  There’s the return of Clark Gable and the return of Frankenstein. Feel like dropping your medical practices for some swashbuckling adventures?  Why not dust off your tails and get to tappin?  Or maybe you’d just like to see your boring book turned into a boring movie.?  Also, Hitler.

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1934 Now Available – Go Listen!

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Episode 5 (1934) is posted.  We have windscreens and a new mic. This episode we pick the last film for Stage 2, the first half of the 1930’s.  What will be the fifth film?  Find out now before all your friends.



Decade Movie List Page – 1930’s

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We added a separate page to list all 60 films from the 1930’s that are in The Film Octagon.  Use this list to watch films in advance of future episodes of the podcast.  The list doesn’t include any thoughts, feelings, or opinions from Seth and Eric.

We will add future decade pages when the first episode for that decade is posted.

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1933 Now Available – Go Listen

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Episode 4 (1933) is posted for your enjoyment.  We talk about Mae West, dancing feet, a big ape, British people dying, screaming Una, and the Marx brothers.

Click on the link at the top to listen.



Let’s get this parley started

Welcome to The Film Octagon!  We are your hosts Seth Churnside and Eric Werner.  Our objective with The Film Octagon podcast is to determine the best film from 1930 to 2010.  We will be watching 480 films drawn from 80 years of film history.  Each episode will include a discussion about 6 films for a particular year.  For a complete breakdown of the podcast’s structure please see Episode 0.

We look forward to any of your comments and hope to be able continue podcast discussions with you on the website.



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